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Tools designed to make the best of your written work 24/7

Make impact with your writing

Draftme AI can augment your language and syntax in a magical way.

How it works: write in any language the way you do, then click Improve writing. Easy.

Your ideas and message will remain the same, wrapped into well-shaped compelling phrases.

Generate any document to your specs

Draftme gives you a wide selection of prompts to create any document from scratch.

How it works: select a document, add your details and get a well formatted document in a few seconds.

Export the document as a Microsoft Word file or a PDF, share it with others easily.

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Translate and polish your documents

Draftme AI offers fast and precise translations in over 20 languages.

Your text will be translated close to the original preserving all the legally significant details.

If needed, apply a more native speaker-like tone by using the Improve Writing feature.

Instantly turn your document into bilingual

Draftme AI provides you with automatic bilingual translation.

It does all the mechanical work for you, transforming the original document into two columns while translating it automatically.

You will get a neat, formatted MS Word file that you can polish further.

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Other features

Our tools are designed to help you make the best of your written work 24/7

Create your own instructions

Draftme AI is perfect to generate, analyze and synthesize various texts.
Create your own assignments tailored to your daily work.

Content suggestions

Always feel safe that your contracts have all important clauses in place. Draftme AI scans your document and suggests what is missing.


Easily find the language you need. Generate as many options as you wish to reach the words you like.

Summarize contracts and other documents

Quickly grasp the essence of any document for yourself, your clients or colleagues.

Make legal alert based on a law

Draftme AI will analyze the regulation to prepare a brief legal alert.  AI will extract the key points from the regulation as well as the main takeways, ready to share with you colleagues and clients.

Change tone

Easily convert plain language into business or legal.
Simplify complex language into conversational for ease of comprehension.

Extract key obligations

Draftme AI can quickly retrieve the key terms and obligations of the parties.
If needed, you can customize the approach to extraction by adding your own points to extract.

Create templates with document builder

Use our best in class dynamic template builder. Easily create any logic with variables, questions and conditions. Automate your MS Word templates fully saving their formatting and style.

How Draftme is different

Draftme has a number of features that differentiate it from other AI tools:

Upload your MS Word documents, work as you always do

A set of ready commands convenient to use

Export in MS Word, PDF or share by link

Folders and file management

Switch between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 as you like

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