What is Draftme?

Draftme is a web-based text editor for legal teams with an AI companion.

What can Draftme AI do?

Draftme AI companion helps you draft and rewrite clauses or even whole documents, analyse documents for data, extract various information, search for risks and so much more.

Draftme text editor is a professional editor with easy to use in-built templation tools. You can work with MS Word documents as you always do, importing and exporting documents in MS Word format if you need to. Unlike most web-based text editors where all the initial styles and formatting is lost, Draftme text editor keeps the document safe in its initial state.

You can upload your 100-pages SPA with track changes, invite colleagues and counterparties to collaborate on it while saving all the versions in one place. You can always see who did what changes or jump back to a version to restore previous wordings.

How it can help me in my legal work?

Here are the best use cases you can use Draftme AI in your legal work:

  • Create the first draft of any document (agreements, letters, memos, emails etc)
  • Rewrite a document per you instruction
  • Check the counterparty's document for compliance with general standards
  • Check the counterparty's document for compliance with internal corporate standards
  • Prepare legal alerts
  • Prepare descriptive comparison of texts
  • Generate closing and accompanying documents according to your standards based on signed contracts
  • Generate responses to incoming correspondence (client, counterparty, regulator, and supervisory authority inquiries) and standard claims based on signed contracts
  • Generate additional agreements, assignment agreements and other agreements based on signed contracts
  • Summarize or simplify complicated  texts (various legalese, judicial decisions, resolutions, responses from government bodies, etc.)
  • Identify key provisions / obligations / risks in a contract
  • Search for information from inside the document without having to leave the document
  • Translate into any language
  • Edit the translation to native speaker level
  • Prepare materials for presentations

What languages are supported?

While Draftme AI is optimized for use in English, it is able to generate good results for a variety of languages.

These are the majority of European languages. You can also try other languages available from the dropdown list of Draftme AI panel and translation menu.

Does Draftme AI provide legal advice?

Draftme is not a lawyer so it cannot provide legal advice:)

With all AI tools widely spread in our days, it is important to double-double check all responses from your AI paralegal should it involve any facts and laws etc.

It is always you who is responsible for the assigment you give, the output you receive and the way you utilise it in your work.

What is the freshness of data?

The language model has been trained on the dataset per September 2021.

It has limited knowledge of facts and data after September 2021.

We are currently working to enable the companion to search for information on the web or even  per direct links that you provide.

Can I cancel my subscription later?

No problem, just let us know at contact@draftme.ai and we’ll arrange for cancellation.

As you do so, you are welcome to send us your feedback. It would be great to learn what we could improve.